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basic ldapsearch problem


I have OpenLDAP doing mail routing with Sendmail.
I wanted to write some command line tools, that ease the administration of accounts.

And I can't get ldapsearch to work, the way i want it to:

Sample entry looks like this:
dn: uid=randomuid,dc=domain,dc=pl
objectClass: inetLocalMailRecipient
mailLocalAddress: name.surname@domain.pl
mailLocalAddress: name.surname@domain.com.pl
mailHost: destination.mailhost.pl

And let's say I want to find  everyone with a given name or surname ?
Or check if given uid already exists.

ldapsearch -x -w password -D "rootdn" -b "base" -LLL "(uid=givenuid)"
Doesn't find anything.

The only case when ldapsearch works is when I enter

But when I enter just mailLocalAddres=full*)"
Then it fails.