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Re: homePostalAddress attribute

man, 2002-11-18 kl. 15:09 skrev Pierangelo Masarati:

> >> It does *not* store "or more" images, it stores just one, since
> >> there's no EQUALITY and no MATCH.

> > You don't need matching rules to store multiple values. You just need
> > the *absence* of the SINGLE-VALUE tag. jpegPhoto is not marked
> > SINGLE-VALUE so I see no problem with storing several photos in one
> > entry.

> AFAIK the absence of EQUALITY des not allow to delete a specific value,
> since no matching applies, that is to delete a value you need to delete
> all and re-add the ones you wanted to preserve.

Pierangelo, I want to add, not delete (I can in fact delete). For that
matter, there is no MULTI rule with jpegPhoto, either. So, though from
the description I should be able to have several jpegPhotos, it just is
not possible. But since it is said in the description that this
attribute is just an afterthought, I guess that nothing will ever be
done about it.




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