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Re: homePostalAddress attribute


On Saturday 16 November 2002 05:26, Peter Lavender wrote:
> What RFC covers this?

RFC2252 says:

6.27. Postal Address

   ( DESC 'Postal Address' )

   Values in this syntax are encoded according to the following BNF:

      postal-address = dstring *( "$" dstring )

   In the above, each dstring component of a postal address value is
   encoded as a value of type Directory String syntax.  Backslashes and
   dollar characters, if they occur in the component, are quoted as
   described in section 4.3.   Many servers limit the postal address to
   six lines of up to thirty characters.


      1234 Main St.$Anytown, CA 12345$USA
      \241,000,000 Sweepstakes$PO Box 1000000$Anytown, CA 12345$USA

Thus each value of a homePostalAddress is an ordered list of elements
separated by dollar signs.

Referring to the question if it is up to the client or the server to change
the dollars into new lines, I'd suggest that it depends on the type of the 
client. Generic LDAP clients such as GQ should not change dollars to 
newlines and vice versa, while specific clients such as Evoulition may
do so.

In contrary to Tony E. I believe it does matter whether you use dollars or
newlines. The equality matching rule for those postal addresses is
caseIgnoreListMatch and not caseIgnoreMatch, so the dollar signs may
be important. It might be possible that e.g. (homePostalAddress=USA)
matches the first example above.

Please note: OpenLDAP has not implementend the caseIgnoreListMatch yet.


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