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Re: homePostalAddress attribute

lør, 2002-11-16 kl. 18:21 skrev Peter Marschall:

Thanks Peter, a copy of this mail is being sent to Peter Stamfest of GQ

> In contrary to Tony E. I believe it does matter whether you use dollars or
> newlines. The equality matching rule for those postal addresses is
> caseIgnoreListMatch and not caseIgnoreMatch, so the dollar signs may
> be important. It might be possible that e.g. (homePostalAddress=USA)
> matches the first example above.

It's not what I believe or not, personally I couldn't care less, as long
as everything works as it should, for both clients and servers.

And the acid test of whether it works or not is, that both server and
multiple clients work with newlines. Whereas for Peter Lavender and $
chars, they do not.

Someone sort that out, please?

> Please note: OpenLDAP has not implementend the caseIgnoreListMatch yet.

And a lot more besides, obviously (see the posts about ACIs and jpegs):

# jpegPhoto
# Used to store one or more images of a person using the JPEG File
# Interchange Format [JFIF].
# Note that the jpegPhoto attribute type was defined for use in the
# Internet X.500 pilots but no referencable definition for it could be
# located.
attributetype ( 0.9.2342.19200300.100.1.60
        NAME 'jpegPhoto'
        DESC 'RFC2798: a JPEG image'
        SYNTAX )

It does *not* store "or more" images, it stores just one, since there's

I've no doubt that eDirectory / NLDAP *does* do as prescribed.




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