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Re: homePostalAddress attribute

Today at 10:46pm, Peter Lavender wrote:

> Anyway, while trying to capture all the info I can about an entry, I'm a
> bit stuck, the homePostalAddress attribute says it can have upto 6 lines
> of 30 chars each.
> Just how do i store that in the ldif?

There are two ways:

homePostalAddress: Line 1$Line 2$Line 3...


homePostalAddress: Line 1
homePostalAddress: Line 2
homePostalAddress: Line 3

homePostalAddress is not "SINGLE-VALUE" so you can have as many of them
as you like.

> I have the $ sign in there, however it shows up in the Evolution client
> when I look up the entry...

Then the Evolution client needs to be updated to understand that it
should split the value returned at "$"s to be RFC compliant...

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