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Re: homePostalAddress attribute

lør, 2002-11-16 kl. 05:26 skrev Peter Lavender:

> OK, so it's a client side issue.  This means that the latest version of
> GQ also doesn't do the right thing.
> What RFC covers this?

Don't know why, perhaps I'm pigheaded, but I'd dispute that it's solely
a client thing:

Openldap 2.1.8, BDB 4.1.24,

1: *All* clients that I've tried, Evo 1.2, PHP4 4.2.3 ldap constructs,
GQ, LDAPBrowserEditor accept and propagate use newlines, not $ chars;

2: ldifs from slapcat -l give base64 newlines in both postalAddress and
homePostalAddress (this is the *server* accepting and storing, not the

I'd echo Peter's "What RFC covers this?", and postulate: Who cares
anyway, as long as it works?




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