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Re: homePostalAddress attribute

man, 2002-11-18 kl. 14:29 skrev Andrew Findlay:

> > It's not what I believe or not, personally I couldn't care less, as long
> > as everything works as it should, for both clients and servers.

> The only way to be sure of that in the long run is for everthing to
> conform to the standard. As has been shown by a previous poster, the
> standard is clear about the correct format and newlines do not come
> into it.

I guess you'd have to convince the umpteen existing clients about this,
first, at the same time remembering that those same clients also serve
iPlanet, eDirectory/NLDAP, Active Directory and whatever further ldap
servers there might be. And those clients *work* with newlines, they do
not work with $ delimiters.

I've taken the above up on the GQ list and it will be interesting to see
Peter Stamfest's reaction, once he reawakens from the dead.

At the same time, think of the many and varied LDAPv3 "standards" to
which Openldap does not (yet? / will ever?) adhere.

As far as the word "standard" goes, there is also the law of the "de
facto" standard :-)




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