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Re: adding mail aliases to ldap problems

Hi Adam... I'm planning on using sendmail.  I noted
that there is a sendmail.schema that comes with
sendmail... I've tried including it, but I do get
an error when loading this schema at slapd startup...
line 137, Attribute Type inappropriate matching rule:
"caseIgnoreMatch" ... but from what you say, you are
using the nisMailAliases from nis.schema with sendmail,
so perhaps better to go down that route..  I still can't get an aliases
entry into ldap and I can't see anything I'm doing wrong.
I'm wondering if there is a problem with the slapd I've
built at this point almost... accept I've been able to
get my passwd, groups, services and most other stuff
I want to initially start out with anyway.  Any chance
you could show me an ldif with an alias that imports
ok into openldap for you?  Also, does the nisMailAliases
need to be in any special place in the ordering of loading
the schema?

I've just checked over everthing for a 3rd time, from the
base up and I can't see anything wrong... looking at aliases,
it is nearly exactly the same as adding a group, however,
when I now just have the nis schema only specified in slapd,
and I try and add a simple aliases.ldif, it says invalid DN syntax,
additinal info:invalid DN.

Thanks again for your help, I'm frustrated that I can't
figure this out, I'm usually pretty good at getting
things done myself.

Bill Dossett

Adam Williams wrote:
could someone please tell
me what I'm doing wrong?

This all works for me with Exim 4.10 smtp MTA. System mail aliases, user mail boxes, virtual mail domains, the Lachman-Laser draft, client mail authentication and more are all Openldap based. Perhaps you are using the wrong mail server?

Hmmm ... Sorry Bill, I can see that this was less than helpful. I can tell you how I organize my ldap aliases. However, how your mail server makes use of them is up to you. I can help you with Exim, but not Qmail, Postfix or Sendmail.

His problem exists long before the MTA, as he can't even get the aliases
into the DSA.  He definitely has a schema problem.

BTW, using nisMailAliases in sendmail is as easy as -

define(`ALIAS_FILE', `/etc/aliases,ldap: -k
 -v rfc822mailmember')dnl