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Re: adding mail aliases to ldap problems

>>>could someone please tell
>>>me what I'm doing wrong?
>>This all works for me with Exim 4.10 smtp MTA. System mail aliases, user
>>mail boxes, virtual mail domains, the Lachman-Laser draft, client mail
>>authentication and more are all Openldap based.
>>Perhaps you are using the wrong mail server?
>Hmmm ... Sorry Bill, I can see that this was less than helpful.
>I can tell you how I organize my ldap aliases. However, how your mail
>server makes use of them is up to you. I can help you with Exim, but not
>Qmail, Postfix or Sendmail.

His problem exists long before the MTA, as he can't even get the aliases
into the DSA.  He definitely has a schema problem.

BTW, using nisMailAliases in sendmail is as easy as -

define(`ALIAS_FILE', `/etc/aliases,ldap: -k
 -v rfc822mailmember')dnl

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