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Re: >1024 connections in slapd / select->poll

I agree, you can have a high number of concurrent operations without needing so many connections. But it sounds like the MTA forks a process per email message, and so its client library opens an LDAP session per

Spawning a new process per message processed might be a reason to make many LDAP connections, or at least many connections to something, perhaps a multiplexor.

However, this alone would not explain the need to maintain
1000 concurrently _open_ connections. At least it wouldn't
unless you designed your mail server process such that
it opened an LDAP connection when it started, and didn't
close it until it was about to exit. And if you had done that,
you'd pretty soon realize the error of your ways and go
fix the mail server to not do that. Probably right around
the time you saw that your LDAP server died with 1000+
open connections...