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Re: >1024 connections in slapd / select->poll

University of Michigan email forwarding is done using an LDAP database as the store for mail forwarding addresses of users and for group lists. Two Linux hosts serve LDAP, with around 1000 FDs each. We regularly run into the FD limit.

I'm not sure that connectionless LDAP would be the right way to go, as a single mail processing agent may do many searches. I have a histogram of the number of operations per connection from the LDAP servers.


On 17 Nov 2004, at 17:43, David Boreham wrote:
Anyway, I'd really like to hear about the application that needs
1000's of open LDAP connections. I've never seen
one of those (except test programs).

Such an application it might be better served (sic)
by using connectionless LDAP.