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Re: >1024 connections in slapd / select->poll

Not to work around the OS limit - to work around the unwieldiness of large fdset's. This is just an application of the same divide-and-conquer strategy that applies to binary search, trees, and other such log(N) algorithms. Just because an OS allows a single process to use thousands of file descriptors does not mean it's a good idea to

Why wouldn't you apply the same divide and conquor strategy inside a process ? (e.g. by using threads, or multiple descriptor queues).

do so. At the kernel level it's going to be more efficient to deal with a cluster of average sized processes vs a single process with a huge context. Eventually something is going to come along that causes the

Interesting. Which OS are you thinking about here ?

entire process to block, and all those threads are going to suspend, doing nothing besides occupy address space, whereas a cluster of processes will provide more scheduling opportunities for useful work to get done; even if one process completely blocks, other processes may continue.

Hmm...what you are descibing here sounds like a broken scheduler. Do you know of any OS'es in use today that have such a scheduler ?