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Re: Running without indexes

One last question, when removing indexes, do I need to run slapindex,
or will the old files simply age out?

On 10/15/05, Hallvard B Furuseth <h.b.furuseth@usit.uio.no> wrote:
> matthew sporleder writes:
> > I know this consultant situation well, and am trying to avoid it right
> > now.  The problem really is that I have 10+ million entries, so each
> > write (this is a writing master.  Almost never any searches) with an
> > index = many writes.  I'll drop it down to object class and see how
> > performance looks from there.
> You might want to set the "unchecked" sizelimit, for a max number of
> entries to examine _after_ indexes have been applied.  That way you get
> instant adminLimitExceeded (and no entries) instead of a slow
> sizeLimitExceeded for an attempt to examine your millions of entries.
> If you in addition use loglevel 256 and grep the syslog output for
> err=11 (adminLimitExceeded), you'll discover any indexes you need to
> add - or maybe clients which should use different searches.
> Beware that what is indexed is a hash of the value, not the value itself
> (independently of whether the database is using a hash table) - so leave
> room for hash collisions.  That applies even to the DN used to look up
> an entry.
> --
> Hallvard