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Re: Running without indexes

I know this consultant situation well, and am trying to avoid it right
now.  The problem really is that I have 10+ million entries, so each
write (this is a writing master.  Almost never any searches) with an
index = many writes.  I'll drop it down to object class and see how
performance looks from there.

Thanks for the feedback,

On 10/14/05, Todd Lyons <tlyons@ivenue.com> wrote:
> matthew sporleder wanted us to know:
> >Is it possible/safe to run a database without any indexes with 2.2 and ldbm?
> >My database is, basically, write-only and it would safe a lot of I/O
> >to eliminate the indexing.
> Ok, so you save a little I/O on the indexing.
> How many entries will be in this directory?  For every single search, it
> will have to read the directory from the beginning to the end to find
> the answer to the search.
> If you have 10 entries, not a big deal.  Then your efforts to save I/O
> seem plausible.
> If you have 10 million entries, it will be slow, slow, slow.  A
> "consultant" will get hired by your boss and add in one or two indexes
> and all of a sudden your system will move at normal speeds.
> Don't let the consultant get all the glory.  Take some of it for
> yourself.
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