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Re: Running without indexes

matthew sporleder wanted us to know:

>Is it possible/safe to run a database without any indexes with 2.2 and ldbm?
>My database is, basically, write-only and it would safe a lot of I/O
>to eliminate the indexing.

Ok, so you save a little I/O on the indexing.

How many entries will be in this directory?  For every single search, it
will have to read the directory from the beginning to the end to find
the answer to the search.

If you have 10 entries, not a big deal.  Then your efforts to save I/O
seem plausible.

If you have 10 million entries, it will be slow, slow, slow.  A
"consultant" will get hired by your boss and add in one or two indexes
and all of a sudden your system will move at normal speeds.  

Don't let the consultant get all the glory.  Take some of it for
Regards...		Todd
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