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Re: help adding an ldif

The first error can be avoided if you set your ldap.conf to show your
preferences better (or just always ues more qualified command-lines).

I'm pretty sure the second one means that you don't have the top of
the tree created.  For example:
Adding uid=me,ou=users,dc=domain,dc=com would force you to have
dc=com, dc=domain, and ou=users created before uid=me can be put in


On 10/14/05, Floyd Wellershaus <fwellers@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I just go slapd running on openldap 2.2.27.
> I am trying to add an ldif
>  ldapadd  -f myrregistry.com-050902.ldif
>               gives me
> SASL/DIGEST-MD5 authentication started
> Please enter your password:
> ldap_sasl_interactive_bind_s: Internal (implementation specific) error (80)
>         additional info: SASL(-13): user not found: no secret in database
> If I add the -x option, to not authenticate, I get:
> adding new entry "o=myrregistry.com"
> ldap_add: Server is unwilling to perform (53)
>         additional info: no global superior knowledge
> Since I am new to ldap, I am wondering what I  am missing here.
> I appreciate any advice.
> Thanks