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Re: MDB issues (Re: Appropriate index for <= >= filter on generalizedTime)

Roman Rybalko wrote:
27.09.2012 14:21, Howard Chu ÐÐÑÐÑ:
Looks to me like it's 4-5x faster.....

(&(logTime>=20120816200001+0400)(logTime<=20120816200501+0400)) - 12sec
(|(logTime=20120816200001+0400)(logTime=20120816200501+0400)) - 0.01sec
~ 100000 objects in db

Actually Yes, I tried the same search on 1000000-object-sized db and MDB
is really 5x faster, timing 12-13sec. Also it's very convenient to watch
roughly DB size by shared process memory usage.

Except it's still buggy.
I trapped some "mdb_add: txn_commit failed : MDB_PAGE_FULL: Internal
error - page has no more space (-30786)" error.

Did you already have commit 0c4c6fe72a57f812e4486cd017298f730df19c23 ?

How may I report? Via ITS (gimme url plz)


or openldap-devel list? Also I
have full debug build so I may look into stacktrace.

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