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Appropriate index for <= >= filter on generalizedTime (Re: reqStart<= slow)


I'm trying to use >= <= filter on eq-indexed generalizedTime attribute. Seems eq-index does not work for <= filter.
olcAttributeTypes: ( 2.999.777. NAME 'logTime' DESC 'Time' EQUALITY generalizedTimeMatch ORDERING generalizedTimeOrderingMatch SYNTAX )
olcDbIndex: logTime eq
(&(logTime>=201209201440+0400)(logTime<=201209201450+0400)) - 57sec
(|(logTime=20120920144001+0400)(logTime=20120920144008+0400)) - 0.03sec
~ 1000000 records in db, target = 100000000 records
What should I do to make >= filters work efficiently?
I may consider using another data type that work with <=/=> filters for sure. Strings? Integers? Anything that can mimic TIME semantics. Any advice?

14.04.2012 19:44, Michael StrÃder ÐÐÑÐÑ:
can I influence the order of index usage by order in the filter or slapd index configuration?
The same question from me. Is it possible to select indexes using some sort of filter syntax?
Roman Rybalko