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Re: Appropriate index for <= >= filter on generalizedTime

Roman Rybalko wrote:
25.09.2012 01:31, Howard Chu ÐÐÑÐÑ:
Aside from the equality index, there's not much else to be done. I'd
suggest you pull the code in RE24 and see how back-mdb performs with
your data.

Pulled 2a68553ec103eec28237c2608b3fea149a492b76
Tried mdb - works completely the same way.

Looks to me like it's 4-5x faster.....

(&(logTime>=20120816200001+0400)(logTime<=20120816200501+0400)) - 12sec
(|(logTime=20120816200001+0400)(logTime=20120816200501+0400)) - 0.01sec
~ 100000 objects in db

Should I rely only on (|(=)(=)(=)(=)...) filters ?

If that suits you, sure. Personally I would submit an enhancement request to the ITS about getting this indexing code restructured. Ideally with a patch attached, fixing it as desired.

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