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Re[10]: Searching few domains for one uid

On Fri, 20 Jul 2012, kefast@o2.pl wrote:
> > --On Saturday, July 14, 2012 12:42 PM +0200 kefast@o2.pl wrote:
> >> Ok, thanx, I do understand that, but my point is, where I can put
> >> those "" in configuration files ? On a client side set BASE "" and in
> >> slapd.conf
> >>
> >> database        bdb
> >> suffix          ""
> >> rootdn          "cn=admin"
> >>
> >> ?
> >>
> >> How persisly set config files (client, server) to search for all of
> >> those domains You listed.
> > Use an empty base.
> I can not import an ldif with an empty base on an server side.
> slapadd -v -b 'dc=""' -l ./root.ldif
> slapadd: slap_init invalid suffix ("dc=""")

That's not the empty DN.  That's the DN

with is a DN with one component, a single AVA, with attribute 'dc' and the 
value consisting of two double-quote characters.  The empty DN is this:

Now, to pass that through the shell to the command you'll need to quote 
it, but that's because it's the shell and the command-line:
	slapadd -v -b '' -l ./root.ldif

For the ldap.conf, the empty DN is the default value for the BASE, but 
there is no way to actually _specify_ the empty DN there.  I.e., if the 
system config (/etc/ldap.conf) specifies a base, then there's no way for 
the user's config (~/.ldaprc) to override that to specify the empty base.