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Re: Searching few domains for one uid

--On Thursday, July 12, 2012 10:19 AM +0200 kefast@o2.pl wrote:

I've got 3 domains (departments), for egzample:


and each of them has it's own
posixAccount users (moved from nis).
I want every user in each department to be albe to login with his
credencials, localized under people.$(domainname) to machines under
all domains, but as far as I know, You cant search for uid or anyting
else in more then one domain, cause a BASE attrib in ldap.conf accept
only one search base. Is the only way to do this is change the schema to:
and set the search base to dc=corp ?
I've also read about setting base to config and put it there.

Use a base of ""



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