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Re[6]: Searching few domains for one uid

> --On Thursday, July 12, 2012 11:16 AM +0200 kefast@o2.pl wrote:

>> I've got 3 databases on a server
>> dc=a,dc=com
>> dc=b,dc=com,dc=de
>> dc=c,dc=com,dc=fr
>> When on a client side a pointed BASE ""
>> the server says:
>> slapd[13330]: do_search: invalid dn ("")
>> Should I reconfigure my database maybe and set dn to "" ?
>> If yes how should the root dn look like ?
>> dn: ""
>> dc: ""
>> objectClass: top
>> objectClass: domain
>> structuralObjectClass: domain

> The easiest thing to do is to create a single database, with a root of "".
> You don't need to create an entry for "" itself, as it is inherent to the
> openldap directory server.

> First entry would (in your case) likely be for dn: dc=com

> dn: dc=com
> objectClass: organization
> objectClass: dcObject
> o: com domain
> dc: com

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But in my case not all of my domains finishs on .com in the end.
So beside a.com I've got b.com.de and b.com.fr, so in that case I'm
not sure the root "com" would do, so maybe making root as .corp and then
a.com.corp, b.com.de.corp, c.com.fr.corp.
And one more think, is that statement which combines all parts of a
domain in one dc would be ok ?
Would't it spoil something ?