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--On Wednesday, March 14, 2012 4:25 PM -0400 "Borresen, John - 0442 - MITLL" <john.borresen@ll.mit.edu> wrote:

Saw a post of yours from a while back, so I backed up the consumer's dbase
and moved the directory out of the way, then ran slapadd and brought slapd
up on the consumer.

Yes, when you go to reload a server, you must delete the existing DB.

Things look more in-sync with each other than they did.

Question:  I noticed that there are seven "reqStart" entries in the
cn=accesslog on the Provider machine.  They were there when I was testing
and beating my head against the wall.  Should they be deleted manually
since I used slapcat/slapadd?  Or does it matter?

It doesn't matter. The point of syncrepl is it is intelligent enough to ignore data it's already replicated.



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