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forgotten rootdn psw

ok...So i'm an ID10T!!  LOL.  But seriously, I setup an OpenLdap server and migrated /etc/passwd to it, and all is well: however, I did that months ago, and you guessed it, somehow I'm having a "senior" moment, and can't remember the psw for the rootdn, so that I can add another user to the Ldap server. I'm sure there is probably a way to decode the "hashed/encrypted" password.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I really don't want to have to delete everything and start again, but if that's what I must do, then so be it.
Thanks in advance,
Steve Francis
Technical Advisor - zSeries, zLinux, z/OS
Alpharetta Data Center
Ph:  770-442-7157
Cell:  770-906-3122
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