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Re: Partial replication

Going back to the original question...

On Tue, Mar 30, 2010 at 11:36:09AM -0500, Joe Friedeggs wrote:

> Location A & B are two different customers, therefore it would not
> be prudent to replicate Location B's users in Locations A.  But I need
> the Support group to exist in all locations.

That is a critical part of the requirement, so you cannot depend
on the config of the customer-site machines to protect other customers' data.

> Can this be done using syncrepl?  
> Another thought is to have LDAP Masters existing in each location,
> and somehow replicate the Support branch to each (mirrormode?).  Should
> this be the approach?

That could be a very good approach, especially if the changes to
the data are mostly done from the customer sites (i.e. site A data
is mostly updated by people located at site A).

You would probably want to have a separate database for each suffix
(support, site A, site B etc) and then use the relay backend to glue
it all together so that searches could cover both the site data and
the support data from one suffix.

It would not be necessary to use mirrormode, and as you said that
connectivity is flaky I would certainly advise against it. One-way
replication should be enough, and will certainly be safe.

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