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Re: Using "overlay dynlist" with Ubuntu Karmic 9.10 LDAP server using slapd.d (not slapd.conf) ?

Am Tue, 6 Apr 2010 16:54:34 +0530
schrieb Shamika Joshi <shamika.joshi@gmail.com>:

> My cn=config is attached here. I have added users *bob* & *george*
> with host objects *cms2 & cms3* respectively as shown in the below for
> cn=bob,ou=Users,dc=testlab,dc=com
> cn: *bob*
> uid: bob
> objectClass: account
> objectClass: posixAccount
> uidNumber: 10001
> gidNumber: 10001
> homeDirectory: /home/bob
> loginShell: /bin/sh
> gecos: bob
> description: User account
> host:* cms2*
> userPassword: {SSHA}GtI94c1LAH6F1Wj3rqUGwjND1oUGa2hq
> Also I have 2 machines u910desk & x15f12 added with with labledURI
> searching for hostobject value as 'cms2' & 'cms3' respectively as
> shown in the eg below for cn=u910desk,ou=Machines,dc=testlab, dc=com
> cn: *u910desk*
> ipHostNumber: **
> member: cn=placeholder,dc=testlab,dc=com
> objectClass: top
> objectClass: groupOfNames
> objectClass: labeledURIObject
> objectClass: ipHost
> labeledURI: *ldap:///ou=Users,dc=testlab,dc=com??one?(host=cms2)*
> Now if I attempt to *#ssh bob@*2 it should allow me
> because bob contains hostobject :cms2 whereas if I do* '#ssh
> george@'* it should fail because is looking
> for host object 'cms2' whereas george contains host object :cms3.
> correct? But in practical scenario this is not happening. It still
> allows me to ssh to both machines using both users bob & george. Any
> clue what I must be missing here?

put the ssh problem aside and get the dynamic objects working first.
What is the output of a search on the base
cn=u910desk,ou=Machines,dc=testlab, dc=com
do you get the results wanted?


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