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Re: Host based authentication using OpenLDAP

François Mehault wrote:
> Hi
> I follow your conversation because I have to do the same thing, so I would like to add hosts in my openldap but I don't succeed
> My add.ldif
> dn: cn=hostlab,ou=hosts,dc=netplus,dc=fr
> objectClass: top
> objectClass: authorizedServiceObject
> objectClass: ipHost
> cn: hostlab
> ipHostNumber:
> authorizedService: sshd
> authorizedService: ftp
> my command
> # ldapadd -x -D "cn=manager,dc=netplus,dc=fr" -w **** -f add.ldif
> adding new entry "cn=hostlab,ou=hosts,dc=netplus,dc=fr"
> ldapadd: Object class violation (65)
>         additional info: no structural object class provided
> What is the problem ? in my phpldapadmin I have this message:
> Importation au format LDIF
> Impossible d'ajouter un objet : cn=hostlab,ou=hosts,dc=netplus,dc=fr
> You tried to perform an operation that would cause an undefined attribute to exist or that would remove a required attribute, given the current list of ObjectClasses. This can also occur if you do not specify a structural objectClass when creating an entry, or if you specify more than one structural objectClass.
> Maybe I had to post in a new message, sorry if I'm wrong.
> Regards,
> François

did you add the ldapns.schema ?

I seem to remember getting something similar when I started out testing
this and had a typo in my include.