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Re: OpenLDAP 23 client with 24 server?

On Sun, 24 May 2009, Matt Juszczak wrote:

> Hi All,
> Most of our boxes are FreeBSD.  FreeBSD has ports for openldap22, openldap23,
> and openldap24.  Not using slurpd much anymore in my setups, I decided to run
> with openldap24 in our recent setup.  Setup openldap24 server, and all the
> FreeBSD clients have openldap24 clients.  Everything is working well.
> Recently, we had to introduce a few RHEL boxes into our setup.  We're pointing
> to the redhat repositories, but they seem to only have openldap23-* client
> packages.  I know I could potentially make my own packages, or perhaps get
> RPM's from the Internet, but I was wondering if by some chance openldap23
> clients (and pam_ldap/nss_ldap libraries) are compatible with openldap24
> servers?  I would assume the other way around (openldap24 clients with
> openldap23 servers) would work fine.
> Thanks!
> -Matt

I've been using various client/server versions since 2.0.x, including
libnss, packaged and self-build, AFAIR no problems related to difference 
between client ad server versions.