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RE: Host based authentication using OpenLDAP

Sorry to jump in the middle of this thread, but the nssov overlay sounds very useful, something I would like to take advantage of, but I cannot seem to find any documentation on it.  How long has this been available (what release), and where might I find more info?


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> Gavin Henry wrote:
> >
> > ----- "Per Kristiansen"<perk@funcom.com>  wrote:
> >
> >> Hello, I've been working on implementing a LDAP solution for the
> last
> >> 8
> >> months (in-between task, you know how it is :D )
> >
> > Time flies!
> >
> >> I now have a working LDAP directory, have all my users imported,
> >> things
> >> actually work! :D..(jinx!)
> >
> > Excellent work, well done!
> >
> >> But now I wanna get fancy..
> >>
> >> I've been googeling for some sort of clear description on how I can
> >> set
> >> up a system using groups of hosts and user groups to create a
> >> selective
> >> ACL for ssh'ing to a set of servers based on group membership.
> >>
> >
> > It sounds to me like you are almost here and just need help creating
> the LDAP groups, ACLs
> > and LDAP search/filters for use with nss_ldap on RHEL 4/5 and Centos?
> ACLs for nss_ldap is not the way to handle this. It needs to be done in
> the
> PAM account management handlers, and pam_ldap's support for that is
> pretty
> weak. In particular, it doesn't support centrally configuring access to
> services on groups of hosts. The PAM support in nssov is a lot better
> in this
> area and can do what the original poster wants; I just haven't written
> an
> example ACL for this feature in the docs yet.
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