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RE: Issues in Performance Tesing of OpenLDAP using SLAMD

Both the benchmarking servers have Solaris 10 - x86.
I am not sure about the Memory Management S/w. Is it the one bundled with OpenLDAP or is it the one , the server uses.

My understanding is that, it may help but currently, we are not facing any memory related issues in running the tests.

The values for set_cachesize was set to 1  0  1 as that is the value we have in the production system.
Though it should be 2 0 1 as suggested in DB_CONFIG documentation.
Can this be a cause of the problems that we are facing.

The following is the list of problems that we have been facing in our Benchmarking activity -

Shilpa Sethi

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> Hi,
> Information that you asked for was provided in the first mail to the
> forum about the issue. http://markmail.org/message/bqkx6tk5gmc3fuw4

What OS?  What memory manager? Have you verified that DB_CONFIG is properly
tuned (i.e., how did you come up with the 1 0 1 setting?) etc.



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