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Re: Issues in Performance Tesing of OpenLDAP using SLAMD

Shilpa Sethi wrote:
Both the benchmarking servers have Solaris 10 - x86.
I am not sure about the Memory Management S/w. Is it the one bundled with
OpenLDAP or is it the one , the server uses.

Speaking as the OpenLDAP Chief Architect, I have to remind everyone of this:

The OpenLDAP Project only releases source code, and the Project only supports these source code releases. As a general rule, we don't "bundle" anything in our releases. When you're using a binary package obtained from a particular vendor, you should go to that vendor for support.

Speaking as the CTO of Symas Corp.:

Since you said you're using a Silver release built by Symas, I have to remind you that the Silver packages are made available to you for free because support is not included. If you want support then you should pay for a support contract.

One way or another, many people are contributing valuable time and expertise to this project, and you should respect their time and effort by following proper channels.

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Information that you asked for was provided in the first mail to the
forum about the issue. http://markmail.org/message/bqkx6tk5gmc3fuw4

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