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Re: Backup and bdb-logfile removal

On Fri, 11 Apr 2008, Peter Mogensen wrote:

Are you saying that to be safe you have to keep the log.000000001 _for ever_ ?

If you want to guarantee that db_recover -c will function, then this is pretty close to how it works out in practice. See


in particular, the requirement to keep allegedly "removed" log files in an offline backup. So you don't have to keep it in your live environment, but you have to keep it *somewhere*.

slapcat(8) has the advantage of making snapshots in a single-file, text-only format, without any database issues like transaction logs to worry about. Of course, a well-oiled, homogenous db_hotbackup installation *may* be able to start up faster than a slapadd in the event of a backup restore. Your Environment May Vary.