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Re: Backup and bdb-logfile removal

Peter Mogensen wrote:

I've been going all documentation I can find (FAQ/bdb-docs..) and I still have some doubt whether I understand this correctly.

I run frequent dumps with slapcat to backup the database, but I still need to cleanup the BDB logfiles and it would also be nice get faster back online after a crash than you can from LDIF.

So I understand how to create a hot backup by copying the database files (db_archive -s) and then the log files (db_archive -l) and runing db_recover -c.

I can see that I can delete unused log files (db_archive [no options]) from the backup. But when is it safe to remove log files from the active environment?

Let auto-archive do that for you.

db_archive on the active environment lists fewer files than on the backup (predictable enough).

The docs say that running db_archive -d can make recovery impossible. OK... so I don't do that.
But what is required of my hot backup snapshot to know that I can delete log files from the active environment? (and which?) and still not influence the posibility for recovery.

Could anyone list a step-by-step procedure to create a snapshot for backup and prune the log files from the active environment?

btw: openldap 2.3.30/ bdb 4.2.52 (debian) ... but I guess that's not so important here.


PS: I expect still to do occasional slapcats just as an extra security measure.

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