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Re: large ldap server recommendation

--On February 2, 2008 6:08:37 PM +0530 Count Of Dracula <countofdracula@gmail.com> wrote:


That was a great explation.Simple and Succinct.Too bad it did not come
from stupid RH folks.I am sorry I did not get it. What exactly you
mean by "RH is not building OpenLADP for running as a server"?

I mean exactly what I wrote:

RH is not building OpenLDAP for running as a server.  RH is building
OpenLDAP for providing client libraries.  They spend months testing that
all of the things that link to these libraries work.  To upgrade/change
the versions of those libraries would take many months of testing and
cost lots of money.

I.e., RH wants to ensure that everything that links against the OpenLDAP libraries (perl modules, PHP, apache, NSS_ldap, PAM_ldap, just to name a few), work against a known release. So they don't maintain the packages to the quality necessary for an LDAP administrator to use them.



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