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Re: dynlist how to

Hello Pierangelo

Thanks for your fast respons.

All work fine now, I just cut and paste the last line of yours slapd.conf into my slapd.conf, restarting the server and all are ok
may be a bad character on the config file (I check and the line are identical).

Many thanks for your help



Pierangelo Masarati a écrit :
Guy Deleeuw wrote:

I just try with a new version of slapd (2.3.40) but no changes.
Any idea are welcome

$ cd tests
$ ./run test044


- look at testrun/slapd.1.conf, at the bottom; compare with your slapd.conf

- $ ../servers/slapd/slapd -f testrun/slapd.1.conf -h 'ldap://:9011' \
  -s0 -dstats

- in another shell,
  $ ldapsearch -x -H ldap://:9011 -b 'dc=example,dc=com' \

Then it's up to you to spot the differences between the expect setup and