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Re: N-Way MultiMaster with 2.4

<quote who="Chris G. Sellers">
> Ok, I just made a change to my config and it appears to be working.
> I referenced my master+slave setup, and I saw
> overlay syncprov

This was cleary stated in the blog post though:

This sets up syncrepl as a provider (since these are all masters):

dn: cn=module,cn=config
objectClass: olcModuleList
cn: module
olcModulePath: /usr/local/libexec/openldap
olcModuleLoad: syncprov.la


dn: olcOverlay=syncprov,olcDatabase={0}config,cn=config
changetype: add
objectClass: olcOverlayConfig
objectClass: olcSyncProvConfig
olcOverlay: syncprov