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Re: N-Way MultiMaster with 2.4

Ok, I just made a change to my config and it appears to be working.  

I referenced my master+slave setup, and I saw

overlay syncprov

so I added that to both masters, restarted, and viola, it's replicating both directions well.  

Do you think that could have been my problem?  Here is my config (names changed to protect the innocent) 

syncrepl rid=010 provider=ldap://ldap1.nitle.org:1000 binddn="cn=manager,dc=abc,dc=xyz" bindmethod=simple
  credentials=SECRET searchbase="dc=abc,dc=xyz" type=refreshAndPersist scope=sub
  interval=00:00:00:10 retry="5 5 100 5" timeout=1 schemachecking=off

syncrepl rid=011 provider=ldap://ldap2.nitle.org:1000 binddn="cn=manager,dc=abc,dc=xyz" bindmethod=simple
        credentials=SECRET searchbase="dc=abc,dc=xyz" type=refreshAndPersist schemachecking=off scope=sub
        interval=00:00:00:10 retry="5 5 100 5" timeout=1

overlay syncprov
syncprov-checkpoint 100 10
syncprov-sessionlog 100

Both masters have the same config options.  

On Jan 7, 2008, at 4:17 PM, Gavin Henry wrote:

Chris G. Sellers wrote:
Ok, I did figure out that I had 1 password wrong in one agreement, which
is why I saw the password error every so often, so that side-issue is
taken care of.

I moved the agreements out of the cn=config and put it directly into the
slapd.conf just to take away some of the variables.

I still get the issue where it has Sync State control issues:

Can you provide all your configuration please and data?



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