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N-Way MultiMaster with 2.4

Hello all.  I've read the news posting at   http://blog.suretecsystems.com/archives/40-OpenLDAP-Weekly-News-Issue-5.html#extended  for multimaster N-Way sync.   Very good stuff.

I've configured the cn=config backend, and I can browse it with my LDAP browser on both my Masters. (I have two servers)

I have created the replication agreements and are able to add them to the cn=config as documented in the URL above.  No problem on both servers.  

When I add the data sync, I get a little confused.  

Below, for ${BACKEND} I assume I put something like bdb for the database backend correct?  If I do this it does not fail, but the sync does not happen.  I don't see a whole lot of errors either with  the sync.  

dn: olcDatabase={1}$BACKEND,cn=config objectClass: olcDatabaseConfig objectClass: olc${BACKEND}Config olcDatabase: {1}$BACKEND olcSuffix: $BASEDN olcDbDirectory: ./db olcRootDN: $MANAGERDN olcRootPW: $PASSWD olcSyncRepl: rid=004 provider=$URI1 binddn="$MANAGERDN" bindmethod=simple   credentials=$PASSWD searchbase="$BASEDN" type=refreshOnly   interval=00:00:00:10 retry="5 5 300 5" timeout=1 olcSyncRepl: rid=005 provider=$URI2 binddn="$MANAGERDN" bindmethod=simple   credentials=$PASSWD searchbase="$BASEDN" type=refreshOnly   interval=00:00:00:10 retry="5 5 300 5" timeout=1 olcSyncRepl: rid=006 provider=$URI3 binddn="$MANAGERDN" bindmethod=simple   credentials=$PASSWD searchbase="$BASEDN" type=refreshOnly   interval=00:00:00:10 retry="5 5 300 5" timeout=1 olcMirrorMode: TRUE dn: olcOverlay=syncprov,olcDatabase={1}${BACKEND},cn=config changetype: add objectClass: olcOverlayConfig objectClass: olcSyncProvConfig olcOverlay: syncprov

I end up with olcDatabase={1}bdb in there twice.  

What should the $BACKEND value be if not bdb.   (if by db backend is bdb).  

Thanks for any insight.  For now, I am going to have to revert to Master+Slave via syncrepl and referrals.


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