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Re: LDAP Client & Server with Kerberos

sanjay gupta skrev, on 04-01-2008 15:46:

I have done default compilation for openldap-2.3.38 now trying to run ldap client (ldapsearch) with Kerberos
so that ldap client can use session ticket to perform the LDAP lookup on LDAP server.Please let me know
what required to make ldap client work with kerberos.

I did not see any option to compile & build openldap lib with kerberos support & when I do ldapsearch with -K
option it shows error *"ldapsearch: not compiled with Kerberos support".

1: What do 'ldd ldapsearch' and 'ldd slapd' show? 2: What OS (and do not report Windows) and version are you using?

*Please suggest me the right way to do ldapsearch with kerberos support or what client & server command line option
required to run it with kerberos.

Using Kerberos (V) with OpenLDAP 2.3 isn't simply a question of having Kerberos support built into binaries. You have to configure the whole Kerberos infrastructure for your chosen Kerberos realm and implement it before even thinking about incorporating that in LDAP. There are enough HOWTOs out there to show you how to do that - it's OT for this list.

Having done that, you can configure OpenLDAP to support a varying degree of KerberosV support. There are masses of HOWTOs, I've done it myself from them without ever asking a single question here or anywhere and got it working. I gave it up because there was no need for it on my systems, it was redundant. My systems do not at present need AD/Win23K support.


Tony Earnshaw
Email: tonni at hetnet dot nl