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Re: reducing information duplication

Pierangelo Masarati a écrit :
> Guillaume Rousse wrote:
>> Gavin Henry a écrit :
>>> collect.c is just a demonstration of overlay code for developers, hence
>>> no docs.
>> That's what I understood also, hence my lack of motivation to consider
>> it as a viable implementation of collective attributes for openldap 2.3
>> currently.
> Although written as a demonstration of overlay code, and thus perhaps
> probably not as optimal as it could be, it doesn't differ from the rest
> of the overlays;
Yes it does:
- it is not build by default, and doesn't even have corresponding
entries in the makefile
- it does not have a man page

I'm not judging code quality (I have absolutly no clue), I'm judging
ease of deployment, and ease of maintainance, both for myself and the
rest of my colleagues.

Guillaume Rousse
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