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Re: reducing information duplication

Guillaume Rousse wrote:

> I'm not judging code quality (I have absolutly no clue), I'm judging
> ease of deployment, and ease of maintainance, both for myself and the
> rest of my colleagues.

OK, let me try to re-state it in yet another manner.  It seems that what
you exactly need is collective attributes.  Someone designed some piece
of software that implements connective attributes in OpenLDAP, that
piece of software seems to work as expected, and it's distributed, but
it doesn't configure or make seamlessly because of historical reasons.
Moreover, there's no documentation, although a quick look at the code
shows that the only configuration is

collectinfo <dn> <c-attr>

repeated as many times as required for each superior entry/collective
attribute pair (the configuration is almost self-documented by the code,
in this case, in the error message that's returned in case of syntax error).

Your solution to the problem consists in sitting by the river until
anyone makes it compile straightforwardly and writes a man page.  I'd

1) compile it myself and see if it really fits my needs

2) open an ITS to describe how useful it was and how well it worked, and
to request its addition to officially released overlays, possibly
providing the required patch myself.


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