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reducing information duplication

Hello list.

I'm looking for a way to reduce information duplication in an LDAP directory, using the equivalence of joint in SQL databases. Basically, all my user entries (inetorgperson + posixAccount) need to have a 'secretary' and a 'manager' field, but given than all users from the same group have the same secretary and the same manager, I'd prefer to refer to them at the group level, and refer to the group from the user entry.

I've had a quick look at slapo-dynlist man page, it seems it could achieve it using 'see-also' attribute to refer to the group dn, and probably an additional schema to add 'secretary' and 'manager' attributes to my group entries (posixGroup + groupOfNames).

Ideally, I would also use the same system to get the userGid attribute for the users.

Does it sound like a good idea ?