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Re: reducing information duplication

Guillaume Rousse wrote:
> Gavin Henry a écrit :

>> collect.c is just a demonstration of overlay code for developers, hence
>> no docs.
> That's what I understood also, hence my lack of motivation to consider
> it as a viable implementation of collective attributes for openldap 2.3
> currently.

Although written as a demonstration of overlay code, and thus perhaps
probably not as optimal as it could be, it doesn't differ from the rest
of the overlays; I think right now the only way one would implement
collective attributes would probably be by means of an overlay, and its
architecture wouldn't probably differ too much from that of current
slapo-collect.  If you're fine with, say, slapo-accesslog, slapo-chain,
slapo-dynlist, slapo-rwm, slapo-syncprov, most of which implement key
features of OpenLDAP, I don't see why you shouldn't give slapo-collect
the same respect.  All in all, it's out of usefulness for regular users
that OpenLDAP experimental code becomes release-grade code.  Or, to
reverse the point of view, please feel free to consider the rest of
OpenLDAP code the same you consider slapo-collect.


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