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RE: case sensitive dn

That's because ou=SOMETHING,o=SOMETHING and ou=something,o=something are
equivalent DNs.
In general, that's just plain a bad idea to design a tree where you have
dn's that are identical other than case (assuming it's even possible),
for the exact case you are running into.  But... my guess would be that
it depends on the case sensitivity of the attributes that make up the dn
- i.e. o and ou are case insensative attributes, so a dn made up of
those components would certainly be completely case insensitive.  In
this particular example, since ou is case insensative, ou=SOMETHING and
ou=something under the same parent are actually the same RDN, so you
really are trying to create a duplicate.  If ou (in this example) were
case sensative, these *might* be validly different DNs (I've never tried
such a thing), but this still just seems like a really bad idea.
Note also that if case were taken into account (on both o and ou in your
example), these entries would be in two completely different trees (i.e.
o=something and o=SOMETHING - you'd have to define both an o=something
and o=SOMETHING suffix, for example, and searches on o=something as the
base dn and o=SOMETHING would return different results).
Why in the world do you need such a thing (or at least think you need
such a thing :)  )?

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Hi all,

just a short question:

Is that possible to have case sensitive DN's for example 

dn: ou=something,o=something



I am getting error when trying to add dn "ou=SOMETHING,o=SOMETHING" to
LDAP when there is already an dn "ou=something,o=something" present.