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Re: "descriptor table size" errors?

Buchan Milne skrev, on 19-07-2007 14:50:


> Only 5 patches for 4.2.52? There's a rather important 6th one...

Which I was planning on adding over the past weekend ... but my house was burgled and my laptop stolen ... which is why I've been a bit out of things for the past week or so.

I'll be updating quite soon ...

Is updated, the new url as given to me by Buchan is http://staff.telkomsa.net/packages/.

The openldap2.3-2.3.36-1.rhel5.src.rpm builds beautifully, with a couple of '%define's added to the spec, on x86_64 rhl5, and everything works perfectly after the necessary rpms are installed. The extra defines were necessary, since x86_64 rhl5 builds can't find the ones included in /usr/lib/rpm.

Which is nice, since there were a couple of very important thing that the rpms built with the RH srpm spec didn't do:

- It wouldn't create or write to cn=config.
- The standard bdb on rhl5/CentOS 5 is 4.3.29. There was no way I could get it to work without bdb 4.3.29 support (RH attempts to offer 4.4.20 support, but that doesn't work), while Buchan's uses separate patched 4.2.52 support which does - far preferable.
- I had to change much in the RH spec and install much of Buchan's configuration stuff to get the RH-spec-built OL 2.3.36 working at all.

And, the RH slapd is monolithic, while Buchan's uses dynamic modules.



Tony Earnshaw
Email: tonni at hetnet dot nl