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Re: ldapsearch on local attributes with slapo-translucent

>> A filter like:
>> "(&(objectClass=AsteriskSIPUser)(AstAccountName=600)"
>> returns:
>> ldapsearch: ldap_search_ext: Bad search filter (-7)
>> So I guess that answers my question.
> "Bad search filter" is a client side error code; you haven't even gotten
> as far
> as the server or the translucent overlay yet. Check your syntax. Count
> your
> parentheses and make sure they match up (since they clearly don't, above).

Yeah, that was a copy and paste error in my ldapsearch, Asterisk is
correctly doing:


slapd is returning no results for searching on above, as they are in the
local db. Is this expected?

Everything with Ast* is added to the local db via ldapmodify:

mail: ghenry@suretecsystems.com
gecos: Gavin Henry
initials: C
AstAccountName: 502
AstAccountType: friend
AstAccountSecret: 502
AstAccountQualify: yes
AstAccountPort: 5060
AstAccountNAT: never
AstAccountMailbox: 502@device
AstAccountHost: dynamic
AstAccountDTMFMode: rfc2833
AstAccountContext: from-internal
AstAccountCanReinvite: no
AstAccountCallerID: Gavin <502>

Above is a snippet from a search on attributes in the remote db.