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Re: ldapsearch on local attributes with slapo-translucent

Gavin Henry wrote:
Dear All,

I'm doing some work with Asterisk and translucent, trying to overlay some
attributes to an existing remote account, locally.

These attributes have been added by entries in the local database before being presented to me via ldapsearch, whilst searching for attributes
present in the remote directory:

objectClass: AsteriskExtension
objectClass: AsteriskSIPUser
AstAccountName: 600
AstAccountType: friend
AstAccountSecret: 600
AstAccountQualify: yes
AstAccountPort: 5060
AstAccountNAT: never
AstAccountMailbox: 600@device
AstAccountHost: dynamic
AstAccountDTMFMode: rfc2833
AstAccountContext: from-internal
AstAccountCanReinvite: no
AstAccountCallerID: Gavin <502>

Should I expect to be able to search for the above attributes and get a
result? Currently I am not.

A filter like:



ldapsearch: ldap_search_ext: Bad search filter (-7)

So I guess that answers my question.

"Bad search filter" is a client side error code; you haven't even gotten as far as the server or the translucent overlay yet. Check your syntax. Count your parentheses and make sure they match up (since they clearly don't, above).

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