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Re: "descriptor table size" errors?

Quanah Gibson-Mount skrev, on 15-07-2007 23:45:

Kudos to Buchan:

2 surmises:

1: RHL5 and FC6 both have BDB 4.3 as standard; Buchan's srpm (and,
believe me, I refuse to install *ANY* software without it being available
as an rpm. If it's not, I bake my own - but Buchan's srpm is far superior
to anything I could bake myself) is "intelligent" enough to see that Red
Hat has given me an unstable version of BDB and substitute a stable
version - 5-patched 4.2.52 for his OpenLDAP alone - all the other RH
stuff continues to use 4.3;

Only 5 patches for 4.2.52? There's a rather important 6th one...

They could be in line; actually there are only 4 if one discounts an x86_64 AMD mutex patch.

I trust Buchan to know what he's doing (most of the time ;) and I've not had problems running stuff built with his specs/srpms yet.


Tony Earnshaw
Email: tonni at hetnet dot nl