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"descriptor table size" errors?

We seem to be getting errors every night a couple minutes after logrotate rotates our logs and sends a SIGHUP to syslog-ng (to force a reload):

Jul 11 04:02:46 csenet slapd[8823]: daemon: 1024 beyond descriptor table size 1024

Nothing is touching our slapd process (i.e., same process over several days.)

This seems only to happen on our master LDAP server. We're using slurpd for replication to our two slave servers.

This morning, something apparently corrupted our directory, which apparently got replicated to our slaves; we restored the db from the nightly dump (made from slapcat on another replica) and LDAP seems happy again.

We can't see anything in the logs that would lend a clue as to what might be going on. Any suggestions as to where I should start looking?

We're running RHEL 4 with all updates applied, using RH's openldap packages (2.2.13).

Looking back in the logs, it seems that the syslog message above occurs for a couple minutes after syslog-ng is restarted, and then stops occurring until the next time syslog-ng is restarted, but it's apparently been happening for quite a while. Today is the first time we've had corruption (or otherwise total failure) of the LDAP directory, though.

Any suggestions or help will be greatly appreciated.


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