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Re: Replication failure after error fixed

Dave Horsfall wrote:
On Sun, 22 Apr 2007, Dave Horsfall wrote:

I tested and verified that this error has been fixed since the 2.3.32 release. If you upgrade, you should not encounter this problem in the future.
Thanks, Quanah; I'll look at upgrading on the morrow.

I confirm that 2.3.35 indeed fixes the problem.

Is there any reason why 2.3.35 has not been flagged as STABLE? I see I'm not the only one bound by policy :-)

Of course, if there's bugs in 2.3.35 then I'd like to know about them...

Yes, ITS#4925 comes to mind. We'll probably release 2.3.36 fairly soon.
In the meantime, I expect to finish merging GNUtls support in the next few days so that we can release a 2.4 beta.

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